Report of an attack on an immigrant in the neighborhood of Kypseli

My name is F. S. and I work as car windows cleaner at Parko Kyprou, in the neighborhood of Kypseli. On Monday the 17th, at 11.30, five persons who were in a alcohol shop, in front of which I put my gear, went out of it and started to insult me in a racist way. I told them that if they insult me, I would fight with them. At that moment, one of them punched me in the face, an other turn round my jacket on the face, I’ve been threw on the ground and they started to beat me up. A police patrol car who were passing by stopped, the policemans went out, arrested one of the five guys and they took both of us to the police station nearby Plateia Amerikis. The policemans called an ambulance and I have been taken to the hospital. I stayed there until midnight after some radios and an exam for my right eye.