Chemical Flowers – A Few Words on Fridays Assault

On Friday October 19, around 11 am, police forces assaulted once more without provocation the immigrant street vendors stationed on the outside of the Economical University. 30 motorcycle units of the delta force, a riot police unit and a bunch of undercover cops stormed to the central entrance of the building, while another 30 motorcycles were ready to “assist” on the side of Mavromateon Str. The assault, apart from the clubs and the beatings, also consisted of tear gas, 7 stun grenades and a flare shot in the courtyard of the Economical University, while two delta force cops entered inside the university premises. During the assault, they destroyed some of the vendor’s merchandise and arrested one of them, as the cops were not able to get their hands on any rocks lying around to throw to the immigrants, they ripped off the flowers that were planted by the University Authorities in order to remove the vendors and threw them towards the immigrants.
This assault, the first grand enterprise of the year against the immigrant street vendors of the Economical University area, is an extension of the assaults we received on an almost daily basis last year. Minor assaults are also very common in the area. For example, on Saturday, October 13 at noon, the police arrested six people from Bangladesh. Three of them were taken by delta force cops to the Police Station of Kypseli, who later returned to the station, 350 euros was stolen from the vendors, they destroyed their cell phones and isolated them in the bathroom where they kept beating them for 15 minutes.
The Economical University, one of the last places where immigrant street vendors can make a living selling their goods for a little money, is a target of vast oppression and police brutality due to the existence of a community of struggles made of locals and immigrants, which has kept on resisting for some time now.

Assembly of immigrants and solidarious