About the police attack to immigrants on 11-2

On the 11/02/13, we saw one more organised attack taking place outside ASOEE. This time, the attack didn’t came from the side of the MAT with tear-gas and flashbang like so many times in the past, but from plainclothes cops from the nearby police station, and in a way that reminds attacks from fascists of Golden Dawn.
More specifically, a group of 7-8 plainclothes cops attacked from the side of Patission and Antoniadou the immigrants who were present at that time outside of ASOEE, whether street-vendors or passerby. At the same moment a second similar group of plainclothes cops, wearing helmets and telescopic clubs, crossed vertically Patission street, through the traffic, in order to reach the main entrance of the school and prevent people to get in. Two immigrants, that didn’t knew exactly what was going on, and while trying to get away, have been caught and beaten. The one  who managed to “slip away” had several stitches on the head and a broken leg, while the other who wasn’t beaten that much, although he has many obvious wounds on the face and the head, get caught. They accused him of 6 misdemeanors (insults, threats, resistance, attempt of causing bodily  harm, illegal possession and use of arms), of which the ridicule is been showed by the accusation of insults, with a rich vocabulary, from a person who doesn’t speak greek at all.