A letter for the greek society

Firstly, we would like to greet all these people who help us live in freedom in Greece, since we face a difficult situation having the police on one side and fascists on the other, chasing us all the time. We come face to face with fascists every time we’re on the street. The same happens with the police who without any bother, is torturing us and taking our money. We don’t know what to do, we are scared and we’re suffering, Every immigrant is terrified with this situation.

Everyday we come up against a rising, aggressive racism, expressed from a part of society, but most­ly from the police. Cops intrude upon our houses, take our money and things. Along with the fascists, they are chasing us every moment. Especially in the night, fascists are wandering around the neigh­borhoods, looking for immigrants to beat up. Most of the times, they are presenting themselves as cops,«showing their civil identity, asking for our papers and after tearing them up, they begin to beat us. We fail to recognize, really, if the ones we face every time are fascists or cops.

Due to economic reasons or due to a war, we were forced to abandon our countries and come to live in Europe, particularly in Greece, so that we would be able to live in dignity, peace and freedom. Our only activity is peddlering, wandering off in the streets. This allows us to pay for our rent, our food, etc.

Therefore, we demand from the greek society and authorities to let us live with dignity, with freedom and respect. We thank all these people who understand us and stand next to us with solidarity.