About the recent events

In 28 of December the police attacked ASOEE for one more time. This time the excuse was the petty trade taking place outside of the university, so the state chose to get in the school, to search it, confiscate different things as well as 98 fm radio station. During the operation 16 people, mostly of us, and some pedestrians, were arrested just because of their color. During the transportation at the police station of Kypseli, we were hit by the policemen and on two of us you can see the bruises. It is not the first time that there are police outside the university or that they attack asoee, there are many incidents. At constant dues, policemen with civil clothes come and take the stuff that we sell. Also very often there are two units of riot police in the two corners of the school. They throw teargas and stangranates many times, also arrest us and take our stuff.

For us selling stuff in the streets is the only decent way to make a living, its the way for us to have some money to eat and pay our bills. Its our choice to work that makes us to come everyday outside of the university.

By this text we want to speak to the people, to thank those that support us and to inform more people about our everyday problems. We came to Europe from countries that are in a war or an economical destruction . We try to get papers, and for that we wait even for days outside of Petrou Rally (station alodapon) and it is almost impossible to get the papers we need to move free.

We live under a constrant state of hostage. But even in cases we manage to have some temporary papers there is always the danger that in some police control, they will be taken away or be destroyed. That can happen from policemen or people that pretend being policemen, mostly fascists. When they arrest us without papers we stay in prison from 3 months to a year.

We personally recognize our position. We know who wants us to be illegal, to be poor, and give the police orders to attack us, or allow the police brutality.

We also know that it is not a coincidence that they let the fascists hit us, bully us and murder people. We also know that the state takes money from the EU for our benefit and instead of helping us, it constructs walls in the greek borders (Evros) and prisons.

Some people see as a proper solution putting us in a bottle, with no oxygen and throw us away. But we make it clear that we are here, we exist.

At this point, we find it important to say that we are not the only ones who are being attacked in the area. During the last month the state attacked ASOEE, Villa Amalias squat, Patission 61 & Skaramaga squat and Lelas Karagianni squat (it was resquatted the same day), all of them places of resistance and solidarity to us immigrants. At the same time we continuously face the police operation known as Xenios Dias, and the racist attacks by fascists.( the last attack cost a 26 years old immigrant’s life at Petralona area). All these make it obvious that the government wants to “clear” the center of Athens.

At this time we are in the last wagon of the train, those who resist are next and then who follows?

The only solution is to find ways to live together and act united against what is happening and what will come. This is why we choose to participate in the immigrants and solidarians assembly of ASOEE. We try through common struggles of natives and immigrants with solidarity and equality to try to face the attacks we are facing and those about to come.

Natives and immigrants united, with no hierarchies, no discriminations due to race, sex or color make common efforts for a better world where we are all equal.

We oppose to every kind of fascist racism and police brutality.


Immigrants and Solidarians Assembly of ASOEE

Every Thursday at 17.00 at ASOEE